Death of a child, stillbirth and miscarriage

Many people suffer the very real pain of miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of a young child. Below is a list of reflections or resources by Christians, many of whom have been through such a time. Christians know a powerful and compassionate God who is able to be with us, comfort and strengthen us in our grief, and use suffering for our ultimate good and his glory. People experience grief in various ways and may find different resources helpful. If you want to share one of these with someone else, it may be helpful if you are able to read it yourself and consider whether or not it may be appropriate.

Miscarriage and stillbirth
Online resources:
Miscarriage: A death in the family by Dan Doriani (pdf)
Walking through the valley of miscarriage by Sue Nicewander (audio).
Walking through the Valley of miscarriage  (pdf).
Calvin: A brief life (Reflection from Peter Sanlon on the stillbirth of his first child)
Caleb Ministries (Various resources, click on the “Loss of Baby” tab to see index)
 Malachi’s short story. Henk Kleyn’s meditation on the miscarriage of a grandchild
Sermon preached by Matt Kingswood when he and his wife had a later term stillborn son.
Jacob Young wrote a series of blog posts journaling his experience with a miscarried baby.
Nathan Tasker shares his sorrow at losing twins born prematurely, and shares the lyrics of a song he wrote shortly afterwards.
In this clip, David Powlison is asked about recurrent miscarriages:
Help my baby has died by Reggie Weems (Dayone).
Gone but not lost by David Wiersbe
Death of a child
Online Resources:
It was not wicked for the Lord to take our son (Blog post by Lisa Blanco).
How do you respond when your 12-year-old dies? Everybody dies but not everybody-lives  (A testimony  from Rob and Terri Stellrecht, whose 12-year-old boy Trent was killed in a youth group skiing accident).
Nancy Guthrie interview (Video – Nancy shares her story of losing two children in infancy and finding hope and comfort in the midst of suffering)
In loving memory (Jennifer Partin on the 7th anniversary of the death of her son who was just under 3).
Dennis Rainey’s email’s on the death of his grandaughter , Later update
On the death of a daughter (full letter from Samuel Rutherford to Lady Kenmure).
Angie’s goodbye letter to her daughter.
Empty arms with hope (UK site with resources, links and ideas).
Infant-Salvation by CH Spurgeon.
What happens to infants who die? (John Piper)  Video/audio 
Trusting God through tears
 by Jehu Burton who lost his 12-year-old daughter From grief to glory by James Bruce who lost his infant son.
Safe in the arms of God by John Macarthur. For parents who are “grieving the death of an infant, small child, or mentally disabled adult child incapable of exercising faith in the Lord Jesus.” Review by Tim Challies.
Behind a frowning providence (small booklet by John J Murray, who lost his young daughter)
Grieving: your path back to peace by Dr James White.
From grief to glory by James Bruce who lost his infant son. Author’s website.
Empty Arms by Keren Baker. Author’s website.
Beyond the valley by Dave Branon who lost his daughter in a car crash (devotional book).
Death in the home by Benjamin Palmer
Suffering in general
Trusting God in suffering (list of online resources and books about suffering in general as well as a variety of specific circumstances). 
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The Bible and the pain of infertility 
Finally, this clip celebrates the short life of a young boy, and demonstrates the hope, grace and joy God can give his people in hardship, and his sovereignty in giving life, and taking it away :
You can read some thoughts from the father in the clip here

*Book links are mostly to US sites. Australian and UK readers may find better prices from (This post adapted from one compiled by David Murray at Head Heart Hand ).


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  2. Thank you very much for compiling these resources. Three years after you posted them, I am very helped by these links.

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